Winchmore Hill, it’s not somewhere we (as shoppers) automatically think of to go shopping, if anyone else thinks like me we’d assume it’s just somewhere that connects Enfield to Palmers Green with that ever so popular 329 route. Well, yes it does, but it also has many little gems including restaurants and shops as well as having excellent travel links into central London, only 15 minutes to Finsbury Park and about 20 minutes to Kings Cross at the weekends. Aside from shops and busy modern life the small suburb has a fair bit of history.

If we go back many, many years ago, Enfield on a whole was more of a village than a town with lots of green, which is still visible towards the little roads and quaint houses near Enfield Chase and the mass greenery of Trent Park and Forty Hall. Winchmore Hill still has many of these little quirks which I think is quite nice. Along with this traditional feel, St Paul’s church is said to be an historical landmark of the former hamlet. I didn’t know this and would have assumed that it was just the same as the other churches, but it is said to have had the largest unsupported ceiling until the 1960s when it was renovated. Whilst the Green Dragon pub is the eldest in the area, originating in the 1700’s.

Putting history aside, I’d like to stress how you must all (well the ladies) go to the dress boutiques along the main parade. They’re brilliant and have dresses that you would never see in high street shops, I love knowing that my dress is one of a kind whilst feeling safe knowing that no one else will be wearing the same as me, (a girl’s worst nightmare to go to a party to find another girl wearing the same dress!!). So, as it’s the Christmas season, get down there and treat yourself to something a little special to wear at your Christmas/New Year party!

You’ve got your party dress; now why not treat yourself to some food as well. There are plenty of restaurants, including a few Italian places, (again along the main parade), and of course there’s the converted upstairs of the Green Dragon pub which sells Thai food. I think there’s a new place opening up next door where the old Chinese Whispers used to be, not too sure on the cuisine, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for it.

So it turns out Winchmore Hill isn’t just that little suburb which connects Enfield Town to Palmers Green. Offering us a choice in restaurants, beautiful boutiques and even a bit of history, it is definitely worth paying a visit, even if it is to buy your party clothes and indulge in some tasty food!


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