A Horse Chestnut Fell

The iconic tree in the centre of Palmers Green was felled at the beginning of October 2010 due to a fungal infection. The Horse Chestnut had been a landmark of Palmers Green for hundreds of years, many were sad to see it go and one resident laid a bouquet of flowers at the spot where it stood.

Andy Barker, Chairman of Fox Lane and District Residents Association said:

“The tree had been there for many years

and had become something of an Icon

and focal point for Palmers Green.”

It’s a great pity the tree had to come down

before Christmas but there was no other

option, the disease had taken hold so it had

to be cut down before it fell down.

Local residents are now hoping that the demise

of the tree can be used as an opportunity to

make more widespread change to The Triangle,

making a more pedestrian friendly area with traffic                           1965

calming measures and speed reduction.

At a meeting with councillors at the beginning of November 2010 it was said that any major alterations to the Triangle and the junction of Aldermans Hill and Green Lanes would be a Transport for London project and would not be immediate.

It is proposed that a fairly mature tree, maybe a London Plane could be planted as a replacement in the next few months so not to miss this window which is good planting time. The London Plane is easily recognised by its maple shaped leaves, grey flaky bark and round spikey nuts, not unlike The Horse Chestnut.


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